Hit and Run Motorcycle Accidents

Since motorcycling is an incredibly popular year-round activity in beautiful Southern California, hit and run motorcycle accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence in and around Newport Beach. When a motorcyclist is struck by a vehicle and the driver leaves the scene, the rider is often left wondering what recourse they have, if any. This is especially troubling when we consider the fact that motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries and costly medical bills. If you find yourself in this frustrating situation, the best course of action is to get in touch with a knowledgeable Long Beach hit and run motorcycle accident lawyer. At Jamal Injury Law P.C., we have handled countless hit and run accidents and will harness our experience to help you recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

What to Do if You’re a Victim

If a driver strikes your motorcycle while you’re riding in Newport Beach and leaves the scene, it’s essential to know what to do. Many motorcyclists feel powerless after this kind of accident, but there are several steps you can take immediately that will ensure that you have covered both your medical and legal bases. By following the steps below, you’ll ensure that you have sufficient evidence to file a claim against the driver’s insurance company or, if necessary, to file a personal lawsuit. Once you have completed these steps, it’s a good idea to have a conversation with a hit and run motorcycle accident attorney serving Newport Beach.

First, get medical assistance, even if you are unsure about the severity of your injuries. Once you have called an ambulance, call the police so they can begin their investigation. Surprisingly, the police can often find the responsible party by gathering witness statements, reviewing video surveillance, and getting details from the victims about what happened.

While the job of the police is to collect evidence about the accident at the scene, you should also collect evidence if you are well enough to do so. Take pictures and video of the accident scene, focusing on the area where the accident occurred, property damage, and your injuries. Try to document these as thoroughly as possible: if you seek legal help, your lawyer will want to use your photos and video.

In addition, talk to anyone who witnessed the accident. Take down their names and contact information. This will also be helpful to your attorney in the future. Ideally, witnesses should remain at the scene so police can put their statements in the official report. Finally, keep records of any expenses related to the accident. This may include medical treatments, towing, repairs, and any other bills.

When to Contact a Lawyer

Once you have taken these initial steps, it is crucial that you contact a hit and run motorcycle accident lawyer with experience in Newport Beach. Even if the driver has not yet been located, you should schedule a consultation to discuss the details of your case. As is the case with most personal injury firms, consultations with Jamal Injury Law P.C. are free, and our experienced team of attorneys can help you better understand your rights and the best course of action for your case.

It surprises many motorcyclists that even if the driver responsible for your accident is not found, a lawyer can still be incredibly useful to you. One good example of this is a motorcycle victim who is left with costly medical bills, motorcycle repairs, and lost wages. If you have uninsured motorist or collision coverage, you may be able to recover damages, but having a nearby personal injury attorney by your side will help you ensure that you are fully and fairly compensated by your insurance company.

Get in Touch With Suliman Jamal

Whether or not the driver responsible for your accident has been found, our Newport Beach hit and run motorcycle accident lawyers will fully dedicate themselves to helping you understand your rights and recover the damages you deserve. Because we have extensive local experience, we can also give you an accurate picture of what the legal process will entail.

If you have been injured in this type of accident, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jamal Injury Law P.C. today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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