Driver Fatigue Car Accidents

Driver Fatigue Car Accidents

It is a frightening reality that whether you’re taking your everyday commute from Long Beach to L.A. or you’re on your way to the beach on the Pacific Coast highway, there are countless fatigued drivers on the road. From exhausted truck drivers to people driving on too little sleep, driver fatigue car accidents are incredibly common. When a driver falls asleep at the wheel, an accident can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Because of this, these types of accidents often result in major injuries, costly medical bills, and the need for help from a lawyer. If you think you have been the victim of a fatigued driver, don’t hesitate to call Jamal Injury Law P.C. Our experienced team will fight to get the justice and compensation you deserve.


Driver fatigue car accidents can be attributed to a number of causes. A fatigued driver is likely to suffer from slowed reaction time, be less attentive, and have difficulties processing information from traffic lights and road signs. In the worst case scenario, a driver can fall asleep at the wheel, swerving into oncoming traffic, running a red light, or worse.

The trouble with these kinds of cases is that it can be difficult to prove that the accident was caused by fatigue. This often requires victims to seek help from a lawyer who is experienced in fatigued driver cases. If you are unsure whether or not you have a case against a fatigued driver, it may help to work with an experienced Newport Beach car accident attorney like Jamal Injury Law P.C.

Common Circumstances

Generally, there are some specific characteristics that are common to driver fatigue car accidents. Knowing what they are can help you determine whether you may have been the victim of a fatigued driver. For one, they typically happen late at night or early in the morning. The driver is also usually alone. Fatigued drivers typically cause a major crash or a scenario where a single vehicle driven by the fatigued person leaves the road.

They also often happen on roadways with high speed limits, which makes them incredibly dangerous. The investigation afterward usually shows that the driver did not attempt to avoid the crash. In addition, young people, shift workers, people who use sedating medications, and people with sleep disorders like narcolepsy are commonly involved.

Because these accidents are unexpected, major injuries and the need for serious medical attention often result. Injuries can often be life-altering, not to mention a source of incredibly expensive bills for hospital stays, medical treatment, physical therapy and more. Victims may have to take time off work or be unable to enjoy their lives as they knew them.

There is no excuse for negligent driving, and working with a lawyer is often the only way to get the justice and compensation you deserve.


While there is no way to prevent someone else from driving while fatigued, as a driver it is your responsibility to make sure you are sufficiently rested when you are behind the wheel. People need seven to nine hours of sleep to drive their best, and once they get under four hours of sleep they begin to become impaired. If you haven’t gotten enough sleep, ask someone to drive you or take public transportation if possible. In addition, not driving late at night into the early morning hours, and driving with another person in shifts on long journeys can help you avoid these kinds of accidents.

If you notice that a vehicle around you is weaving in and out of lanes, about to go off the road, or if you see another driver nodding off while driving on a Newport Beach roadway, avoid them at all costs.

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