Aliso Viejo Truck Accidents

If you live in Aliso Viejo, you know why residents consider it one of Orange County’s best places to live. From an exceptional school system to extensive parks and bike trails systems and everything you need close by, the city is perfect for families, singles, and people of all ages. Unfortunately, even when you live in one of the area’s best cities, traffic accidents are a problem, and Aliso Viejo is no exception. Many residents commute to larger nearby cities, which means traveling busy, truck-clogged interstates where rigs travel at dangerously high speeds. If a truck strikes you, injuries are often severe and lead to expensive medical bills and the need for help from an Aliso Viejo truck accident attorney like Jamal Injury Law P.C.

The Perfect Place for Families

Aliso Viejo is truly a perfect location for families. The perfect temperatures average 67 degrees and there are plenty of parks, beautiful views, and a generally relaxed pace of life where you can make the most of every moment with your loved ones.

Although the city is home to major employers including four colleges, UPS, and Quest Software, many residents also commute to nearby Los Angeles for work. As you may well know, this sends you up California's busiest highway, Interstate 405, where traffic is often either moving at high speeds or bottlenecked. In addition, Aliso Viejo is near three major area airports, which can leave you traveling in fast-moving heavy traffic at virtually any time.

Along with the usual commuter traffic, the interstates are also often packed with huge semis. Whether a truck is moving at a slow speed or a fast one, if it makes contact with a smaller vehicle, the result can be devastating simply because trucks weigh so much. What began as a usual morning commute can end with broken bones, head or brain injuries, disability, or worse. These accidents often leave people with medical bills that they cannot imagine being able to repay.

To ensure that you are properly compensated for your losses, it is often necessary to work with a truck accident lawyer serving Aliso Viejo. If you are in need of legal help, don’t hesitate to contact Jamal Injury Law P.C. Our experienced team will fight for your rights and for the compensation you are entitled to.

Common Truck Accident Types

On area interstates, traffic is often stop-and-go, so if a trucker fails to pay attention or brake quickly enough when traffic suddenly comes to a halt, the impact can result in major injuries. In addition, at times of day when traffic is moving at a usual pace, trucks are known for speeding and struggling to see other vehicles in their blind spots. Because of the long hours truck drivers are on the road, they may also be driving on too little sleep, which makes them much more prone to causing an accident.

Regardless of the cause, there is no excuse for negligent driving, especially when it results in a serious accident that leaves you in the hospital with major injuries. Unfortunately, while truck accident cases may seem straightforward, they can be tricky and require the assistance of an experienced accident attorney. Because both drivers and trucking companies may be found negligent in these accidents, only an experienced personal injury law firm can be relied on to bring the responsible party to justice.

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Truck accidents can be truly devastating and many drivers leave them not knowing what to do, whether they have a case, or how to pay for their medical bills. The sheer stress of such a situation makes contacting an experienced injury lawyer essential. It is important to do this as soon as possible after your accident to ensure that you meet statutes of limitations for filing a case.

When you need help, the experienced team at Jamal Injury Law P.C. can help you recover maximum compensation for your losses. Our truck accident lawyers with experience in Aliso Viejo will ensure that the responsible party is held fully accountable and that you are fairly compensated for all of your losses, pain, and suffering.

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