Aliso Viejo Pedestrian Accidents

Aliso Viejo is well-known as a small and friendly community in a picturesque setting where views of nearby mountains, streams, and parks are plentiful. Residents especially love its many incredible parks with amazing bike, walking, and hiking trails. In addition, they can frequently be found ambling along area sidewalks as they explore local cuisine and entertainment. Although Aliso Viejo may seem like the perfect place to live, pedestrian accidents are an unfortunate part of life. If a pedestrian is hit by a high-speed vehicle, they may experience major injuries that require extensive medical attention and help from an Aliso Viejo pedestrian accident lawyer. If you are injured while walking among our incredible neighborhoods, you can rely on Jamal Injury Law P.C. to fight for the compensation you are entitled to.

On Foot in Aliso Viejo

The perfect, 67-degree average temperature and stunning views in Aliso Viejo make walking in the area a true pleasure. One of the most famous places for walking in the area is the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park. This regional park is made up of 4500 acres and is part of the South Coast Wilderness park complex. Not only is it a major regional wildlife preserve, but it features trails for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

Although the area is isolated, it’s a good idea to use caution and look out for bicyclists, riders, and vehicles in parking lots near the trailheads. Inattentive drivers can easily back into a pedestrian or strike them as they are entering or exiting a parking lot. Even if a vehicle is not moving at a high speed, the potential for injury as an unprotected pedestrian is still high.

If you are injured in this type of accident, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a pedestrian accident lawyer in Aliso Viejo. If you are in need of an injury attorney you can rely on, Jamal Injury Law P.C. has the experience and dedication to help you secure maximum compensation for your injuries.

Pedestrian Accident Facts

According to California Office of Traffic Safety statistics, as of 2011 California had the most pedestrian accident injuries in the U.S. Many of these accidents, even in relatively quiet cities like Aliso Viejo, happen on city sidewalks or streets during rush hour.

When drivers are speeding to work or exhausted after a long day, they are less likely to be attentive to pedestrians, so it is essential that you pay careful attention before crossing the street during these times. If you are hit by a fast-moving vehicle, you could hit the hood of the car and be thrown to the ground. When a pedestrian accident happens at high speeds, the likelihood of serious head injuries, internal bleeding, crushed bones, and other major injuries increases. Often, these injuries require extensive medical attention which can result in high medical bills and require assistance from an Aliso Viejo pedestrian accident lawyer.

Working with an experienced legal team like the one at Jamal Injury Law P.C. can help you bring the negligent party to justice and get the compensation you are entitled to. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are the victim of this kind of accident. We will fight for your rights and help you recover the maximum damages for your losses.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

After a pedestrian accident, victims often experience extreme stress. Not only is physical recovery often difficult, but it can be even more stressful when you have financial recovery to think about. The thought of extensive missed work, emotional pain, and expensive medical bills often only add to the pressure.

Whether your injuries are moderate or severe, scheduling a consultation with a trusted and local accident law firm is your best course of action. A good injury lawyer can help you understand your rights, tell you what kinds of compensation you may be entitled to, and quickly and deftly handle deadlines and paperwork to get your case underway.

If you are in need of a pedestrian accident lawyer with experience in Aliso Viejo, get in touch with Jamal Injury Law P.C. today. Our compassionate team will fight for your rights and bring the responsible party to justice.

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